Escalator Technical Specifications

Escalator Technical Specification
Type Commercial Public Transport Heavy-duty public transport
Series SES310 SES320 SES720
Step Width(mm) 600/800/1000 600/800/1000 600/800/1000
Speed(m/s) 0.5 0.5/0.65 0.5/0.65
Angle of inclination(º) 27.3º/30º/35º 27.3º/30º 30º
Max Rise(m) When the step width is 1000mm
H≤7.5 H≤13 H≤26
Horizontal step No. K:2 M:3 M:3
M:3 L:4 L:4
Installation Environment Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Dia of the wheel Ф70mm Ф80mm Ф100mm
location of the step chain wheel In Chain In Chain In Chain
Curvation radius of the upper guide rail 1500 1500 4000
Curvation radius of the lower guide rail 1000 1000 3000